Access For All

Easy access

The long-term aim of the Broads Authority and Norfolk County Council is to improve access where possible and appropriate, along our entire footpath network.

Much of the Wherryman’s Way runs along riverside footpaths which can get wet and muddy during winter high tides, but on paths that are less remote and difficult we are working with landowners to replace stiles and improve surfacing so that more people can get out and enjoy the wonderful Broads countryside.

Rockland St Mary

A new, 800 m easy access path has been created as part of the Wherryman’s Way project. With wide expanses of beautiful grazing marshes on one side and Rockland Broad on the other, the path leads to a wheelchair accessible bird hide which gives a marvellous view over the calm waters and wildlife of Rockland Broad.

- There are two parking spaces for disabled visitors in Rockland Staithe car park.

- The width of the path is over 1 m at all times and there are three passing bays along the path.

- There are two field gates with kitch-katch locks that self-close to prevent livestock from escaping when the marshes are being grazed. Visitors in wheelchairs who are on their own may find these gates difficult to hold open.

- There is a turning point (2.4 m wide by 4 m long) at the end of the path at the bird hide.

Visitors using larger motorised wheelchairs may need to consider that as there is no space to turn in the bird hide they will need to reverse about 15 m along the deck to get back out to the path and turning place.

- There is only one turning point along the whole path that may be big enough for larger motorised wheelchairs.

Wheatfen Nature Reserve, Surlingham (Ted Ellis Trust)

This magical nature reserve is a wonderful place to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and wonders of the Broads. The wheelchair accessible boardwalk is about 300 m long but it's enough to take you into another world…

Whitlingham Country Park

There is an easy access path of over two miles around Whitlingham Great Broad - a fabulous place to enjoy all the natural wonders of the Broads very close to the city of Norwich. The eastern section of the path may become a little muddy in the winter months, but is in generally good condition at other times.

For further information about these and other easy access opportunities in the Broads please contact the Broads Authority.